"Under this mask, another mask. I will never be finished removing all these faces," - Claude Cahun.


My professional experience in theatre and working on stage and costume designs influence both my practice and the content of my work: leaps and layers in time, changes of places and perspectives, textiles and masks are essential elements of my collages. 

I work both classically analogue, by cutting out fragments from magazines, my own photos, and drawings, but also digitally. My collages are further processed on the iPad by adding, drawing, retouching, and rearranging. This almost three-dimensional process of digital creation is comparable to the constructions of a theatre stage, where different levels of scenery can be designed with backdrops, curtains, and transparent veils. Pictorial fragments of disguises, dresses and fabrics serve in my works as attributes for different roles and identities of the depicted protagonists, who move around in the surreal compositions.

All works are characterized by a constant oscillation between digital and analogue working steps. The collages marked as digitally are finalized as a Fine Art Print on Hahnemühle paper. The collages marked as analogue are cut outs of these Fine Art Prints mixed with other media such as acrylic and cardboard.