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My professional experience of working for theatres and the attendant work in creating designs for stage and costumes are an influence both on my practice and on the contents of my work. Leaps and layers in time, changes of places and perspectives, costumes and masquerade are important elements in my art.

I am interested who we are as human beings and how we (can) portray the complexity of our identities in all its fragmentation and contradiction especially now in our digital age.

I work with the medium of collage and my process comprises analogue and digital collage steps, painting, mixed media, photography, and paper sculptures. Negative forms of cut-outs from magazines are placed on my own paintings, photographed, reprinted, and cut up again, pasted and painted over. The lengthy process consisting of many steps and layers, both digital and analogue, is essential to my work.

I constantly try to find new ways of working with the play of light and shadow, with depth and space, with insights and perspectives.